Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello Hello and Happy Valentine's Day!

My oldest Valentine is at Costco, the next in line is at school and the youngest is downstairs taking a nap with chocolate smeared all over his little face.  So it seems just as good a time as any to hop back into things!  I am finishing my last course to complete my BA this semester and am on the job search grind, which has so far led me...nowhere.  Luckily, I still have the entertaining antics of my children to keep me on my toes during this slow period in my life.  Yesterday my older son, dressed as Superman or as he now likes to be called "Super Aidan" told me he was going to laser me and serve me with a nice Cianti.  If you notice that the last word there is probably spelt incorrectly.  This is because I have no idea how to spell it, pronounce it or define exactly what it is, but not to worry because apparently my 4 year old does.  He has never seen "Silence of the Lambs" so I am unsure where the heck he learned this word, but whatev, the boy is a genius and I'd rather not question his obviously in depth learning styles.  As for my youngest...he has turned into a monster.  The terrible two's are in full swing and there has been lots of biting, hitting, crying and whining on his part and a lot of crying and "wining" on my part as well.  While my older son has decided that he was destined to be a super hero, my youngest has decided that he is part hedgehog (like Sonic) and he feels it necessary to show off his super speed at all times of the day.  The only problem here is that he sadly inherited my husband's klutz gene so his super speed usually ends with him flat on  his face and more crying ensues.  It's enough to drive a mama to.....desperately try to find a job.  BTW Anyone want to hire me?  I am PATIENT, driven and will do just about anything to get out of my house.  At this point money may not even be an issue...will work for free!

What are you kids pretending to be these days?