Thursday, September 13, 2012

Come Home & Smell the Cookies!

As the school year approached I forced myself to get organized and set up a game plan for the back to school season.  I envisioned home cooked meals, smiling faces and the smell of fresh baked cookies upon the boys' arrival home each day.  What I ended up with was a stack of homework, a sink full of cereal bowls and a serious addiction to day time reality television re-runs.  If my mother is reading this she is thinking something to the effect of "I had four of you, how did I do it?"  Well you know what mom, I concede, you a far better woman than myself.  You raised four kids and did it with a clean house, but I challenge you to a Keeping Up With the Kardashians  or Teen Mom trivia game and I will wipe the floor with you!  And isn't that what's really important in life?  Being able to hold your own during a heated debate about whether or not Kim's ass is real or if Butch and April should give it one last college try?  So from where I'm standing, you, mom, are the one that needs to get her shit together.  Which Real Housewife from New Jersey would you kick off your ficticious survivor island first?  Do you think Amber from Teen Mom will ever get her shit together and stop beating Gary?  Riddle me that!  But you can't can you because you have no clue what I'm talking about...but your floors are clean enough to eat off of...that's cool!  And by cool I mean lame!  :)  Talk to you soon mommy! :)

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