Monday, September 26, 2011

My lesser half... ;)

I will start with my usual disclaimer.  The subject of today's blog is the love of my life, my husband, Jim!  In most aspects of his life he is very generous.  He buys me anything and everything I want.  However there is this other side to Jim and for some reason this other side of him is an extreme bargain hunter.  Let me give you an example in case you don't quite understand.  We went to the mall last week with the kids.  At some point of the trip came the best part of going to the mall, choosing what to have from the food court.  Now if you have ever been to a large food court, like the one in Roosevelt Field Mall you have probably seen the people handing out samples of chicken as you walk around.  My husband, crafty as he is, has a system in which he does laps around the food court collecting samples of chicken on a stick and this is his lunch.  "Why spend $10 on lunch when they are just handing it out for free?" he argues.  Now this wouldn't be so bad if he just did his thing and then met us back at the table where were eating our lunch, but no, he wants us all to do laps with him so that we can also collect chicken for him to eat.  This is embarrassing to say the least.  "Oh, Kris, bourbon chicken!" he says as if the concept of bourbon chicken is unknown to us both.   I take the stick of chicken as if it's something I have never seen before and when no one is looking, dutifully hand it over to Jim.  He really hit the jackpot on this particular trip since The Ranch Grill was handing out samples of smoothies.  "This is great, I don't even have to buy a drink!"  Well I guess no one is perfect.  He is truly a wonderful man, husband and father but we all have our flaws!  I bite my cuticles, Jim steals chicken from food courts.  :)  I love you Jim, and promise to steal bourbon chicken for you forever and always!  Love, your wife.

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