Thursday, September 22, 2011

This me, that me and the other me.

Yesterday was one of those days when I am forced to play a few different roles within a 24 hour period.  I woke up as mom, or as my boys would call me "Maaaaaaaaa!"  I got everyone dressed, fed, packed and off to school.  I consider it a successful morning given the fact that I didn't have to baptize myself in the kitchen sink upon my return home.  From there I became Kristina, the student.  I had three classes, Chaucer, Shakespeare and American Literature.  What...a line up!  From there I went to a bar for my best friend's birthday (Happy Birthday Brittany!)  Now after four hours of being "Maaaaaaaaa!" and ten hours of being a student/literature enthusiast, it is no easy task to switch into friend mode.  I am the girl who without thinking twice reminds all of her girlfriends to use the bathroom before heading out, and advises them to bring a sweater because they might get chilly.  They laugh at me and let it go.  However, when I responded to a friend with a quote from The Canterbury Tales, I think they had really had enough of me.  I'm like a chameleon with a birth defect; A Shakespearean actor who can't quite pull off his disguise.  None of us can ever really fit into any one specific role in the world.  We are all a little bit of many different things.  For some people all of these little pieces can be put together to form a rather successful and well rounded person.  For others, like myself, it equals a bit of a freakshow, but hey to each his own!

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