Saturday, September 24, 2011

A problem arises...

I have a wedding to attend on Thursday and this is the dress that I will be wearing.  Cute, right?  Well here is the problem.  I bought this dress back in April.  Now to say that I was indulgent this summer would be an understatement.  It seems that I decided to put on my 'freshman fifteen' during my sixth year of college.  I was being different!  I decided that ignorance was bliss and that I just wouldn't try the dress on until the wedding and keep my fingers crossed that it fit.  However, my mother convinced me to try it on.  I will start with the positive.  From the front the dress still looks very nice.  The problem arises when I turn around.  It seems that a summers worth of cheeseburgers and McFlurry's equals an enormous back fat problem, or as my husband puts it "You have back boobs."  Well here I am in a bit of a pickle since the wedding is in six days.  So I turned to those closest to me for advise.  My husband advised me to where the dress unzipped, maybe no one would notice.  My mother advised me not to eat until Thursday.  These two should right some sort of self help book, don't you think?  Needless to say I decided to try out mom's idea.  Worst case scenario, her plan fails and I move onto plan B.  Best case scenario, I succeed in fitting comfortably into the dress, but I accidently eat one of the children on Friday after my fast is over.  Either way I'm sure it will work out!  I went for a run this morning hoping to burn off some of my summer chub.  I was feeling positive upon my return home when my husband told me that the groom had called and "wants to know what your back fat will be having for dinner on Thursday?"  See, that's why I love him so much!  He is always thinking of me!  So I will keep you posted on my 6 day Battle of the Back Bulge Challenge!  Feel free to share any of your over indulgent summer stories here as well!


  1. You can always find a super cute cardigan or a scarf to wrap around the back. :)

  2. I may or may not have pulled that cardigan trick at our very own HS graduation, Kristina! PLUS I had a huge red gown to throw over the cardigan as well, which I guess wouldn't help you too much for a wedding...haha.