Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Let me start off by saying that I love my two boys and my husband dearly.  It's not at all the fact that they aren't near and dear to my heart, but rather the fact that on most days it seems that the three main men in my life seem to join together to create some sort of force that I am positive seeks only to destroy my sanity day by day.  My name is Kristina.  I am a stay at home mom, a wife, a college student AND a twenty-something.  This blog is here to document the daily struggles that I face while trying to fit perfectly into each of these categories.  Most days I miss the mark but isn't it really all about the effort I put in?  Right?  So here I am today, sitting at my kitchen counter clutching my mug of coffee like my life depends on it.  By 10 AM I have been awake for nearly four hours, got dressed (if you consider throwing on jeans and a sweat shirt "getting dressed") got my kids dressed, fed, lunches and backpacks packed, walked them to school, came home and immediately dunked my head in the sink in order to combat the mass amounts of sweat that were pouring off my face.  It is something that can only be realized once you have your own family, but raising children (and a husband) is a sweaty, messy, nasty job!  Here is a list of things that makes me break out into a cold sweat on a daily basis...getting my children dressed or rather wrestling them into any clothes within reach, getting the children into the car or really climbing over the middle row seats of my mom-mobile to get them out of the trunk and into their car seats, cooking dinner while a 40 lb leech hangs onto my leg, vacuuming while someone walks behind me spilling teddy grahams on the floor AND THEN stepping on them for fun!  "But mom I had to defeat the Teddy!  I am Buzz Lightyear!"  Ahh that brings me to my next cause for a good sweat.  At least once a week, my older son, and the light of my life, decides that the worlds fate is in his hands and he must transform from a four year old boy to a super hero without a moments notice.  This, as you can imagine, can be a bit of a process.  First the proper costume must be found.  It can never be found on the first run which equals tears and a lot of whining (ohh I LOVE the whining!)  The costume can usually be found buried at the bottom of a laundry hamper which means it has to be washed, cue more tears and whining.  When all is said and done and Buzz is finally ready for battle and mommy has been reduced to a clammy, sweating fool, I am then instructed to run around the house pretending to be Zurg, Buzz's arch nemesis and really after all the searching and washing and crying and whining who wouldn't want to run laps around their house while being shot at by the laser of a 4 year old-Buzz Lightyear hybrid???  And really to bring it all full circle is what is perhaps for me the most unnerving and sweat inducing problem of them all...walking upstairs to change out of my pit-stained T-shirt to find my husband laying in bed.  "Babe, I don't feel good, I just have to sleep off this headache."  Now this is the point where I almost always lose my cool, yada yada yada, more sweating, you get the idea.  So, although I am many things, today's post I was obviously a disgruntled wife and mother, I promise to be more than that in the future.  So for all those moms out there today who are panting while chasing a child around there house while their husband moans about the rough day he has had...I feel ya girl!

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