Friday, October 7, 2011

As I wander,
Up the hall,
I trip on race cars,
Down I fall.

I'm in the bathroom,
They knock and yell,
I rush to answer,
They have something to tell.

They spilt the juice,
On my just washed floor,
and colored on every,
Wall and door.

I found jelly on the counter,
and cookies in the rug,
One is running towards me,
Showing off a bug.

Their noses are drippy,
Their fingers sticky,
Their faces are dirty,
Their play things icky.

They throw their toys,
and bump their heads,
They fight and wrestle,
And jump on beds.

But all I can hear,
Despite the noise,
Is what they whisper,
At night, my boys.

"Ok, boys,
It's time for bed."
"We love you mommy"
Is what they said.

So though the house is usually a mess,
The floor scattered with toys,
I love every second of this life,
Spent with my little boys.

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