Monday, October 10, 2011

Paintball & Piñatas

We ask ourselves and each other often why are children are becoming increasingly violent.  What is wrong with kids today?  What's wrong with kids today is that they are living during a time when violence is at the forefront of almost everything they see.  Consider this.  What can American families be seen doing to celebrate their child's birthday?  How about paintballing followed by a junk food fest and finally, my favorite part, the beating of the piñata.  So first the birthday child and his friends run around a man made war zone, shooting each other with guns until only one survivor remains.  Next they sit down to a well balanced meal of pizza, cake and soda.  And finally, mom and dad buy a replica of the child's favorite cartoon character and he and his friends take turns beating it to death and collecting its "guts" off the floor.  Well now that I've laid it all out there, I bet it makes a lot of sense.  Our kids are out of control because we are training them to be this way.  So maybe this year when you celebrate the birth of your child you will consider going back to the good old days, when a birthday party consisted of a clown and a cupcake.  Next time your child asks to play a video game, tell him to go outside and use his imagination.  He can step outside and enter any world his little mind can dream up OR he can sit on your couch with a controller and pretend to steal a car.

Your call!  ;)

Happy Monday!

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