Monday, October 24, 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter

Well, the day is here already.  I thought I had at least another ten years to go, but as it turns out, yesterday was the day that I officially turned into my mother.  I have various memories of shopping with my mother as a child and almost all of them include me following mom down aisle after aisle until she found the perfect bath towel.  At the time, it seemed mindless and exhausting, until yesterday, that is when from an aisle in The Christmas Tree Shop I spotted a wall of dish towels and with eyes lit brightly with joy, I exclaimed "Ooo dish towels!"  I immediately caught myself, but purchased some towels anyway.  I knew that at some point in my life the day would come where I too would be excited by the thought of buying new towels, but deep down inside it still stings a little.  :)

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