Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Strings Attached

I have a girl friend that has been having a "friends with benefits" type of situation going on.  She was truly only looking for casual sex and things were going pretty well until the guy decided to tell her that he only wanted to sleep with her.  She was cautiously optimistic about the possibility of his being sincere.  In the days following he went on to ignore her calls and told her "I'm not going to stop what I'm doing for you."  Well isn't this just the perfect picture of how men will find a way to mess with your head no matter what you do.  All my friend wanted was some no strings attached sex, but this guy had to go and complicate things just so he could screw with her head a little.  Why do men do this?  It's sick!  You are playing with someones mind and heart for your entertainment purposes.  We are good people who give men like you the benefit of the doubt, and in return we get the door slammed in our face.  And then, when you finally quit messing around and make the decision to settle down and get married, you complain that your wife is a nagging bitch.  Well yeah sometimes she is and heres why:  every single man before you has done everything in his power to toy with her head and weaken her.  Yes, it makes us a little crazy sometimes.  In short, it's hugely your own genders fault that she ended up like that so deal with it.  And for any of you out there womanzing right now, remember that one day you may have a little girl of your own and everything that you have done to women is what your daughter will one day have done to her.  Think about it.
Happy Wednesday!

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