Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This blog has become a fun way for me to let off some steam, while at the same time entertain those of you who are going through the same daily chaos that I am!  So how about a good old rant about mornings, shall we?  Aidan and Nicholas woke up at 7:00 am and really anything after 6:59 is considered sleeping in for me so we are off to a good start!  I try to shield my eyes from the sun and from the Little Einsteins that have taken over my bedroom television.  What better way to start my day then with a "rah rah rah for rocket!"  Since Aidan and I both have school this morning, breakfast consists of anything I can reach for and toss onto a plate or into a bowl at a record speed.  So today casa de la Kristina served Lucky Charms!  My younger son informed me that he doesn't like "yucky charms" while my older son protested against the milk I had added to his cereal, apparently he prefers his "yucky charms" dry.  My mistake.  Aidan's school is also collecting...(hold that thought, Aidan just asked me to stop sweating him?)...dimes for some charity so my morning also consists of searching every crevice of my house for dimes because the class that collects the most dimes gets a pizza party and what kind of mother would I be if I didn't nearly kill myself so my son could win a pizza party?  Well my mornings here are if nothing else entertaining, right? 
I also would just like to take a second to thank anyone who is reading this.  Writing is truly my passion and it is a wonderful outlet for me to get out any of my frustrations and transform them into something to laugh about.  It is an excellent practice and very theraputic for me, so thank you for laughing along with me at my often crazy life!  Have a beautiful day!

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