Thursday, October 6, 2011

"It is never too late to be who you might have been."  -George Elliot

I was married with two children by the time I was 22, and although I wouldn't take back a moment of the life I created, there did come a point where I questioned if I could ever be anything other than a wife and mother.  Was I capable of accomplishing anything more?  Before having my children I had dreams just like any other young woman, but as my family grew it seemed that all my doors were closing while my friends had the whole world open to them.  It took three years of beating myself up before I realized that the only way to cure unhappiness is to get up and keep moving.  Nothing could ever get better if I didn't get up and at least try to get everything I wanted out of life.  So I made the decision to go back to school.  My goal was really just to finish my degree.  I had no plans beyond that, but somewhere along the way i fell in love with learning.  What a fantastic opportunity I have to be able to go to school, I would be a fool to waste this chance.  I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a writer and am finally pursuing something that I love.  I am still a wife and mother above all other things, but I am also just Kristina, the young woman, the student, the writer.  It is never too late to be who you wanted to be, thought you could be or would have been.  You can have it all, the kids, the husband and maintain your own identity, you just have to be willing to chase after all those things you want.
* If there is something more out of life you want or a passion that you wish you would have followed, take one step towards it today. *

Happy Thursday!

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