Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Being a nice person is way too hard and being a bitch is way too easy." - unknown

I consider myself to be a truly kind hearted person, but I would be lying if I said that I don't often times feel taken advantage of by people who know me to be a nice person.  With that said, I realze that my life could be much easier if I just shut that part of me off.  There are many people that only look out for themselves and have no problem walking on the backs of others in order to get what they want.  Even though I am aware of how simple it would be to give in and only look out for myself, I refuse to succomb to that.  I will continue to be kind to everyone I meet and will always give people the benefit of the doubt.  I refuse to turn off my humanity.  People have become so robotic, slaves to time and jobs and because of this I can not simply shut off the human side of myself that continues to believe that people are ultimately good.  It is surely easier to only have to worry about yourself, but we are all in this together and I will not turn my back on the goodness of the human heart. 
Kill 'em with kindness!

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